ETL-IA Certification

Certified ETL Developer:
Under this program a developer is certified to have knowledge and skills to work in ETL development environment.


Certified ETL-IA™ Developer:
Under this program an ETL developer is certified to have additional skills to develop and implement ETL-IA™ methodology.


Certified ETL-IA™ Architect:
Under this certification an ETL developer is certified to have the necessary background, necessary skills to design and architect ETL development using the ETL-IA™ methodology.


Certified  ETL-IA™ Implementation/Implementer:
Under this program a site/company or is certified to have implemented an ETL strategy using ETL-IA™ architecture.


Certified ETL-IA™ Tool:
Under this program an ETL tool is certified to meet the criteria of having the features required to implement the ETL-IA™ methodology.

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