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Difference between Reference Data and Master Data

It is not unusual for people to use ‘Reference Data’ and ‘Master Data’ interchangeably without understanding the differences. Lets try to understand the differences with an example of sales transaction. A sales transaction contains information like…. Store, Products Sold, Sales Person, Store Name, Sales Date, Customer, Price, Quantity, etc. Attributes from the above example can be separated […] ETL Strategies and Solutions for Data Warehouse -Contents of ETL Book

Section A ,The Beginning 01 ETL The Basics 02 ETL Strategy Section B, Analysis 03 Target Systems Analysis 04 Source Systems Analysis 05 Source Target Mapping- Part I 06 Understanding Data Quality 07 Data Profiling Section C, Develop Part I 08 Understanding Data Patterns for ETL 09 Simple ETL Development Section D,  ETL Architecture & Design 10 ETL & Data Integration 11 ETL-IA (Interface Architecture) 12 ETL-IA Implementation 13 Designing […] ETL Strategies and Solutions for Data Warehouse……..ETL book by Sandesh Gawande

Ok! I am finally planning to publish ETL book with detailed information on all aspects related to ETL and Data Integration. The ETL Book will be used by Data Warehouse Managers, Data Warehouse Architects & ETL Leads. It will also contain solutions for ETL developers. The Book will be independent of ETL tools like Informatica, DataStage, etc. The good […]