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This book is an old idea of mine started some where in 1999-00. I am finally planning to complete it. I will keep you all posted about the status on this page. If any one is interested in the book can comment directly to me.

The Promise:- Anyone managing or working with ETL or Data Integration project will find it close to ETL Bible.

Here are the updated contents

Section A ,The Beginning
01 ETL The Basics
02 ETL Strategy

Section B, Analysis
03 Target Systems Analysis
04 Source Systems Analysis
05 Source Target Mapping- Part I
06 Understanding Data Quality
07 Data Profiling

Section C, Develop Part I
08 Simple ETL Development

Section D,  ETL Architecture & Design
09 ETL-IA Part I
10 ETL-IA Implementation -Part II
11 Revisiting -Source Target Mapping -Part II
12 Design Standard ETL Templates

Section E, Develop Part II
13 File Management
14 Extraction
15 Staging Data
16 ETL Transformation Development
17 Unit Testing ETL Processes
18 Understnding & Coding Wrappers
19 Automate of ETL Processes

Section F, Migration
20 Migration ETL Processes

Section G, Post Production
21 Reference Data Management
22 Exception & Error Management
23 Production Support & Change Management For ETL Processes
24 ETL & Performance Tuning

Section H, Other
25 ETL Tools
26 ETL & Metadata Management

Below are old contents kept here for reference only please ignore… 


  1. Getting started
    1. ETL Basics
    2. ETL Strategy & setting the goals
    3. ETL Interface Architecture
  2. Getting down to business
    1. Data Warehouse Analysis for ETL 
    2. Source System Analysis
    3. Source Data Profiling
    4. Source & Target Mapping
  3. Reference Data & Management
  4. Data Extraction
  5. Data Transportation
  6. Data Transformation
  7. Data Loading
  8. Exception & Error Handling
  9. Data Auditing
  10. ETL & Meta Data
  11. ETL Interface Architecture
  12. File Processing & Management for ETL
  13. Many more………………….

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