ETL-IA Certification

Certified ETL Developer:
Under this program a developer is certified to have knowledge and skills to work in ETL development environment.


Certified ETL-IAâ„¢ Developer:
Under this program an ETL developer is certified to have additional skills to develop and implement ETL-IAâ„¢ methodology.


Certified ETL-IAâ„¢ Architect:
Under this certification an ETL developer is certified to have the necessary background, necessary skills to design and architect ETL development using the ETL-IAâ„¢ methodology.


Certified  ETL-IA™ Implementation/Implementer:
Under this program a site/company or is certified to have implemented an ETL strategy using ETL-IAâ„¢ architecture.


Certified ETL-IAâ„¢ Tool:
Under this program an ETL tool is certified to meet the criteria of having the features required to implement the ETL-IAâ„¢ methodology.

8 Responses to “ETL-IA Certification”

  1. Vishnuvardhan says:

    How should apply for certification?

  2. loka says:


    please send me the ETL book.

    thank u.

  3. valliprasad says:

    How to get certify as ETL Developer? could you please tell me the process?

  4. gopi says:

    Please sendme ETL Book . Also let me know the process to get etl certification

    Thanks in advance

  5. prabhu raju says:

    i need informatica materials

  6. ravi says:

    ya hi my request u had given the information about the certification but can you please give me information how to apply for this certification

  7. Vaishali says:

    How can I apply for the “Certified ETL Developer” certification?

  8. Nakul says:

    PLZsend me the book,It will be of great help .Thanks

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