ETL Basics

Difference between Reference Data and Master Data

It is not unusual for people to use ‘Reference Data’ and ‘Master Data’ interchangeably without understanding the differences. Lets try to understand the differences with an example of sales transaction. A sales transaction contains information like…. Store, Products Sold, Sales Person, Store Name, Sales Date, Customer, Price, Quantity, etc. Attributes from the above example can be separated […]

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What ETL is not?

ETL should not be confused with a data creation process. It never creates new data. If a list of hundred employees is being loaded, one more employee cannot be added to the list and make it hundred and one. Or if last name of customer is absent an arbitrary last name cannot be substituted. Data […]

What Is ETL?

ETL is the automated and auditable data acquisition process from source system that involves one or more sub processes of data extraction, data transportation, data transformation, data consolidation, data integration, data loading and data cleaning. Disscussion: Source System can be any application or data store that creates or stores data and acts as a data […]