ETL Testing

Testing in ETL, Data-Centric Projects

Testing is an investigation process that is conducted to check the quality of the product. Product can either be an applications or data. The quality of the data can only be determined by checking data against some existing standards by following a set of processes. By doing so, you find out the symptoms in form […]

ETL Startegy to store data validation rules

Every time there is movement of data the results have to be tested against the expected results. For every ETL process, test conditions for testing data are defined before/during design and development phase itself.  Some that are missed can be added later on. Various test conditions are used to validate data when the ETL process is migrated from […]

Loading & testing fact/transactional/balances (data), which is valid between dates!

This is going to be a very interesting topic for ETL & Data modelers who design processes/tables to load fact or transactional data which keeps on changing between dates. ex: prices of shares, Company ratings, etc. The table above shows an entity in the source system that contains time variant values but they don’t change […]