ETL Interface Architecture ™

Sandesh Gawande has created the “ETL Interface Architecture™ (ETL-IA),” a new architectural framework for data integration. This architecture is compatible to batch processing systems, near-real time and real time processing systems. The ETL-IA is based on the notion and success of the Object Oriented centric approach while considering the unique information processing requirements of data warehousing. This new model really is ”best of breed” architecture for Data Integration in Business Intelligence Systems.

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  1. In brief, architects have to be a great deal far more than just plain architects.

  2. Sreenivas says:

    I am working on ETL project, please send me book


  3. Shailesh says:

    Hi Sandesh,

    we are working on bespoke ERP on oracle forms , reports not having warehouse. ERP contains – HR,FInance,Production,commercial and TEchinical modules.
    Goal : to demonstrate Finance/HR Dashboards by using OBIEE tool.
    I connected OBIEE directly with OLTP , designed some reports and dashboards , which resulted in less performance .

    Can you suggest me the steps how i can design a warehouse for this scenario (i can work with informatica).

    Thanks in Advance

    Shailesh Kulkarni

  4. Administrator says:

    Hi Shailesh,

    You are using your ERP application’s database for reporting and dashboard.
    This is not the correct way… reasons…
    1. The database is not fast/configured for reporting access.
    2. If you continue doing this, your OLTP application will suffer.

    Solution…Build a real data warehouse and move your reporting there.


  5. srinivas says:

    please send me ETL Book, ETL Testing Book

  6. Lucian Capdefier says:

    Please sent me a copy of your book. I would be glad to read it and provide feedback.

    Thank you,
    Lucian Capdefier

  7. Martin Ian says:

    Please provide the link or the book for feedback.
    I am currently and architect dealing with data warehousing solutions.
    Thank you.
    Martin I

  8. Paresh says:

    Hi, I am working as a manual software tester but I need ETL knowledge for next project, so any body help me what to do? how to start?

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