ETL Interface Architecture (TM)

How ETL-IA is beneficial to you?

As the previous ETL-IA blog post mentions that an addition of a source, adds an additional ETL process. It means that the time and effort that it takes to build the data warehouse is directly proportional to the number of sources. The more the number of sources, the more the warehouse system would cost. An […]

ETL Interface Architecture (ETL-IA) tm

An enterprise data warehouse has by definition has more then one data source. In simple language a table employee in the EDW will have multiple sources like HR dept, Sales dept, and so on. Also if the company is a group of companies then same department can repeat across various companies. Let’s say the DIM_EMPLOYEE […]

Data integration basics-Dimension Confirmation.

The purpose of this topic is to establish the basics for design of ETL processes. With out the understanding an ETL process for data integration cannot be designed or developed.  A database can have multiple sources. Multiple sources may contain a data set of entirely different subject areas, but some data set will intersect. Example […]