Informatica FAQ’s Additional

What are the different types of Lookups?
The different types of lookups are static Lookup, dynamic lookup, static persistent Lookup 

What is Test Load in informatica?
If we want to test the execution of the mapping without loading any data in the target database
then we check the option of test load.

Why is parameterization imp and how does it help?
Parameterization helps us to avoid making changes in the mappings in case any of the variables in the
mapping have undergone change. By putting values that are likely to change in parameter file(Like schema name,
Update user_id) we improve maintainability of the code. 

Is there any advantage of having less number of Transformations in a mapping?
More Transformations mean increased time of execution for a mapping as the data has to be
passed thru another process of Transformation.

What is the overhead in a dynamic lookup over a static lookup?
As the dynamic lookup can undergo change in its values as the mapping is currently executing
hence PowerCenter has to continuously look for changes that are likely to happen. This causes additional overhead. 

What is the advantage of sending sorted data into a joiner transformation?
When sorted data is sent thru a joiner Transformation, we can take advantage of the sorted input option
available in Joiner. This causes the join operation to take less time than otherwise.

Is it possible to have a mapping with update strategy, using bulk mode?
No, Update strategy can be executed only in Normal mode. 

How can a mapping be failed if the numbers of rejects are more than a certain threshold?
Session option abort on error offers us the number of errors before which the session will be aborted.
By default it is zero. 
By Sujith Nair

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    what are the transformations not used in maplets

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    actaully i read that we can create source tables from TARGET DESIGNER.I ve tried and i am able to succeed but still i am wondering How is it possible??

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