Introduction to Error and exception management.

ETL is all about transportation, transformation and organizing of data. Of anytime something moves (as a matter of fact even if you are perfectly stationary and items around moves) accidents are bound to happen. So any ETL specialist believes that their code is perfect and nothing can happen obviously lives in a fool’s paradise.

The next obvious thing is to design to manage accidents, like making a safer car or a factory. And as an ETL specialist if you don’t do it you are no different then others. As in any country there are laws for accidents and accident due to criminal negligence. Later being the worst.

How many times I have seen people putting ETL code into production without actually designing processes to prevent, manage or report accidents. Writing code is one thing writing production worthy code is another. Do ask yourself or your developers, “Is the code production worthy?”



A programmatic error that causes the the program to fail or makes the program run for uncontrolled time frame.
EXCEPTIONS: A program/code written to handle expected or unexpected errors gracefully so that the program continues run with logging the error and bypassing the erroneous conditions or even logging the error and gracefully exiting with error message.

More detailed description will come with topic…. ‘Unhandled exceptions results in Errors’.

Note: The topic on error and exceptions is relevant to Informatica, Data Stage, Abinitio, Oracle warehouse builder, PLSQL, SQLLDR, Transact SQL or any ETL other tools.

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